PKF Kerikeri
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2019 The Rent Event: Kerikeri

The Rent Event is back for another year!

Designed to help landlords and tenants across New Zealand, The Rent Event is an information evening providing free information, resources and an opportunity to learn about legislative changes and how these can impact your tenancy both now and in the future.

Alison Lemon from PKF Kerikeri will be joining the exciting range of guest speakers, to explain more about the bright-line property rule - so you can understand when the rule applies, the types of properties it applies to, when you will have to pay tax (and at what amount), what happens if you make a loss and more!

Join us at Kingston House (Hone Heke Road) on 23 October 2019 at 5:30 pm. 

Register your interest today at, or by contacting Pauline Bacon from Ray White Kerikeri Property Management on 09 407 8526 or via email:



Want to refresh your memory on what Alison covered or check out what you missed if you were unable to attend, click here to get a copy of the presentation.

Click here to contact us for more information.