PKF Kerikeri
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Even the very best businesses can miss opportunities or make oversights that affect profitability but by proactively engaging an independent, external review you can help your business to realise its' full potential.

In years gone by the mere mention of an audit was cause for fear because it was viewed as a compliance measure. Nowadays however a robust and risk based audit can provide a huge amount of valuable information by highlighting areas of risk and opportunities for profit.

PKF Kerikeri is one of the very few qualified auditors in Northland.

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with current reporting standards and are very familiar with preparing financial statements and/or auditing for

Not for Profit Public Benefit Entities including Tiers 2, 3 and 4 for Registered Charities.

Because we’re experienced Business Advisers as well as Auditors we can look beyond the numbers. To ensure you receive maximum benefit from our audit, we provide feedback from our evaluation of your systems to identify areas of weakness and where improvements can be made.  

We enjoy giving back to our local community and are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific reporting and audit needs as well as explaining important accounting terms.

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