PKF Kerikeri
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Financial Statements & Tax

As experienced Businesses Advisors we’ll help you to assess your progress and teach you how to take your business to the next level.

Using a combination of regular cash-flow monitoring, management reporting, budgeting and analysis, we’ll provide you and your team with the tools and training to best manage and grow your business. 

Each of our three programs builds on the previous one and includes more advanced processes to build increased financial health. All of the programs can be customised to suit your specific needs.


Control Your Business

This programme is all about taking control of your business and implementing systems that ensure you can comfortably meet your Income Tax obligations.

We’ll meet with you annually and we’ll provide phone and email support for processing queries throughout the year.                

From $100 +GST per month.

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Know Your Business

Having mastered the essentials of compliance, we’ll help develop your understanding of Financial Management and work towards building robust financial health.

We’ll meet with you twice a year and we’ll provide phone and email support for processing and cashflow queries throughout the year.                               

From $250 + GST per month

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Grow Your Business

When you’ve conquered compliance and financial management we’ll focus on business forecasting and analysis together with strategies to grow your business. 

We’ll meet with your quarterly and provide phone & email support for budgeting and analysis queries throughout the year.

From $400 +GST per month

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Compare Our Business Programs

  Control your Business Know your Business Grow your Business
Annual financial statements
Income Tax Returns
Inland Revenue Management
One face to face meeting per year
Statutory resolutions + minutes (Company and Trusts)
Phone/email support for processing queries
Xero Costs  
GST returns  
Regular business performance reports  
Provisional tax estimations and monitoring  
Two face to face meetings per year  
Annual cashflow forecast    
Quarterly strategy meetings    
Strategic Planning Session    
Phone/email support for budgeting and analysis queries