PKF Kerikeri

Growing Your Business in 2019

There are a million things you could do to grow your business and there are probably more than a million people out there willing to tell you how to do it. These two things together equal a whole lot of noise and for many business owners the noise can be hard to filter.

So what generally happens is that we:

  1. Become overwhelmed with the noise and do nothing. A state of numbness.
  2. Try something new and shiny without really understanding the underlying strategy – the “why” - and feel disappointed when it doesn’t work (without understanding what we wanted it to do).
  3. Expect that by investing in technology no further effort is required and the problem will be solved. We call this “shelf-ware” because that’s where it ends up.
  4. Put the horse before the cart and wonder why the horse can’t make the cart move the way it’s supposed to - Shortcuts to try and get to the finish line. 

In my opinion, to successfully navigate the noise, new toys and advice, the underlying approach remains unchanged. Have a business plan, take action and be accountable.  Sounds simple and in reality it is. But it’s not a shortcut and it takes commitment. A business plan defines the strategy, the tactics and specific activities (things to do) which include deadlines, budgets and cash flows. Michael Gerber (The E-Myth) recommends rewriting your business plan annually to refresh your memory about what you have done and what you are trying to do. Remaining focused on the finish line, celebrating the gains, learning from the losses as well as understanding and experiencing the means. 

I’m not saying there aren’t “low hanging fruit” ready to pick that will provide a quick fix to improve your business without a business plan. Generally speaking, these always revolve around cash flow and profit and should be recognised for what they are, quick fixes. 

Join us for our 7 Ways to Grow Your Business Seminar on 26 March 2019 5:30 pm at Cornerstone - Whare Karakia o Manako. No noise, no new shiny toys, no “shelf-ware”. Just valuable and realistic insights into some business planning actions that will help you grow both the bottom line and business value. This presentation is available to anyone that wants to attend, takeaway and try. If you really want to make a big difference in 2019, have a business plan, take action and be accountable. Now couldn’t be a better time to start!

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