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Your bank balance doesn’t always reflect how profitable your business is, or isn’t. To keep a good handle on your finances you’ll need a good accounting software package.

At PKF Mid North we recommend Xero, primarily because it’s easy to use. It also connects directly with your bank and will grow with you by integrating with a variety of industry specific apps that save time and money by streamlining and automating processes.

Xero is a cloud product which means you can work where and when you want to. Whether you use your PC, a smartphone, or any internet capable device you can log in from anywhere worldwide. There is only one set of data which means your whole business team will see the same figures and in real time.

We can add real value by having a conversation about the numbers rather than wasting time trying to work out what they actually are.

Best of all, Xero is really affordable no matter what size your firm is. There is no major outlay. You simply pay a small monthly premium which includes automatic upgrades, so that you’re always working with the latest version.

No more checking in and checking out, restoring backups or upgrading to new releases. You’ll always have a secure backup should your computer fail or a disaster such as a fire or flood occurs.

As Xero Platinum partners we receive a discount on the monthly subscription cost which we pass on to our clients. We can arrange your subscription and will help you with setup and training.

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