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Company Admin & Management

A company is a legal entity and its actions are separate from those of its’ directors and shareholders. Understanding the complexities of how a company works and the resultant obligations can be a challenge for even the most experienced administrator. PKF Mid North can manage the details so you don’t need to.

We offer a complete suite of company administrative services from incorporating your company and filing annual returns, to maintaining all company records and, if required, acting as an ultimate holding company director or shareholder.

We’ll help you to comply with record keeping requirements as determined by sections 189 and 190 of the Companies Act. Our comprehensive shareholding management system keeps track of all shareholding and shareholder information. Registers for risks, interest and asset will be set up, maintained and shared. All of our company records are securely stored in our documents vault.   

We will also help you achieve best practice governance and improve the process of due-diligence if you decide to sell part, or all, of the business.

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