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Trust Admin & Management

Forming a Trust can be an excellent way to protect your assets and may form part of your tax and estate planning strategy, but this will depend on your specific circumstances.

It’s important to understand that if you create a Trust there are reporting obligations that have to be met as Trusts in general are attracting considerable scrutiny following a Law Commission review.

Our Trust Review service examines your Trust set up and identifies any administration gaps. We’ll ensure that your Trust is compliant with current legislation and that all Trustees are meeting their obligations. 

We’ve developed a number of resources and templates to help you to understand this complicated topic and to help you develop an effective Memorandum of Wishes.  Most importantly, this service provides a framework to ensure your Trust is meeting its objectives.

We also sit as an independent Trustee on more than 120 trusts. We keep abreast with current legislation and changes in Trust law so that we are in a position to provide sound advice and ensure that risks to the Trust are minimised.

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