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Simple, Smart and Occasionally Magic

Xero markets itself as simple, smart and occasionally magic… And we couldn’t agree more! Recently I attended Xerocon Brisbane, the largest accounting technology conference in Australasia. Two days hardly seems like enough time to soak up the content of world-class speakers, network with over 3,000 people and connect with more than 50 app partners.

Of course, there were the expected product updates and releases, including:

  • Autopay integration - Automatically send invoices and automatically get paid with Stripe.
  • Machine learning - Accelerated data extraction from documents with Hubdoc.
  • Short-term cashflow forecasting - Project your bank balance 7 days or 30 days into the future.
  • A growing Xero Connect network – More supplier invoices flow into Xero as a purchase bill.  
  • Xero Learn - An education platform to ensure our next generation of ‘number crunchers’ are fluent on Xero.
  • Improved partner software – Keeping our internal accounting ecosystem ticking along.


However, even with these game changing power features, the highlight for many attendees wasn’t necessarily the technology. There was an apparent focus on wellbeing in the workplace and how this can improve the overall health [productivity] of your business. The key-note speakers left a lasting impact as inspirational leaders in their respective fields. Just to name a few:

  • Craig Hudson, Managing Director Xero NZ, shared a raw account of his personal journey with mental health. “Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi. From your contribution and my contribution, the people will prosper.”
  • Nigel Latta, Clinical Psychologist, spoke about why we do the things we do in an entertaining and colourful presentation. “Keep your sh** together and make people’s lives better.”
  • Jaya Baloo, CISO KPN Telecom, highlighted how cybercrime has increased 72%. “Passwords are like underwear. Change them regularly, don’t share them and don’t leave them lying around.”


Xero will change the way you think about accounting. It’s the first accounting software created for non-accountants and primarily targets small to medium sized businesses. Automatic bank feeds. Invoicing and billing. Inventory and asset management. Payday filing and GST returns direct from Xero to Inland Revenue. The list of features goes on.  

Xero has transformed what was once a tedious manual task, into an enjoyable journey that gives you a real time picture of your business’s financial health. And I haven’t even touched on the 600+ apps that connect with Xero to help with business operations.

At PKF Kerikeri, we are more than Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors. Our firm is a Xero Partner. Our team are Certified Xero Advisors. We are Xero Experts. Register your interest for one of our free seminars, Xero Essentials (introduction) or Xero Extras (advanced). Or even better – Tell us what you want PKF Kerikeri to run a seminar on!

Article by Krystal Hori
PKF Kerikeri, Client Manager