PKF Kerikeri

The Secret to Business Success

Most successful sports people understand the need for a good coach. Teams that win have employed the best coaches. It’s universally understood that a sports coach works closely with people participating in sport to improve their performance and to work towards achieving their full potential. So why is the need for a business coach not an equally accepted concept?

Being a business owner is often a lonely and stressful place. You’re busy working in the day to day operations of the business to keep the customers and staff happy. There’s a fine line between working too much and compromising valuable time with growing kids, aging parents and the garden that’s borderline subtropical jungle. There isn’t enough time to plan, innovate and grow so you second guess your business decisions.

Enter the business coach. There isn’t anything else that you receive 100% dedicated attention to you. A business coach is someone who helps you move from where you are to where you want to be, and does so by solely focusing on your goals.

They’re a sounding board. A good business coach has the ability to focus, be present and just listen. Doing so allows the business coach to ask powerful questions that will probe to the root of the problem rather than solving symptoms. The old band aid on a bullet hole cliché doesn’t apply to a business coach.

They’re someone to brainstorm with. Two heads are better than one. Yes, anyone can go online and Google away but there is an art to linking personal values and beliefs with desires and intentions. Sometimes it takes a new perspective to see an existing connection.

They’re someone to hold you accountable. It’s easy to make excuses to yourself about why you didn’t do what you set out to achieve. This becomes harder when someone else is involved. A business coach will not only challenge you to strategize and develop your goals but hold you accountable in your efforts towards achieving them.

They provide guidance. A business coach will act as a role model who has been there and done that because of the experience they share. The benefit of using a Chartered Accountant as a business coach is we already understand the numbers and with our unique insight we can broaden your business awareness in a way that’s tailored specifically to your financial position.

Call us today – we’re the business coach to help you achieve your business goals. A good coach can change a game but a great coach can change a life.